Jana Wieland, established in 2016, specializes in effortless clothing. Relaxed people are inspiring people are beautiful people - this being the overall theme of the creative process.

Jana Wieland creates a contemporary and light wardrobe, distinguished by its clarity of lines and quality make. Effortless silhouettes envelope the body in elegance and buoyancy. Jana Wieland herself sets hand to the entire process from a paper pattern to the final sample collection in the Vienna Studio. 

The Bow Sleeve Shirt is the versatile signature piece of Jana Wieland. It gently relaxes any formal look just as it blends some elegance into a comfortable everyday outfit.

2018 the Designer won the highest renowned Fashion Award of the City Vienna (Modepreis der Stadt Wien). As fundamental part of the Austrian Fashion Scene, Jana Wieland’s work was showcased in the MAK exhibition in 2020, respectively.


Jana Wieland’s ethical conviction is honesty and sensitivity  - with humans and the planet. The serial production of the garments in Ukraine, Hungary and Bulgaria is responsible - a close cooperation underpinned by a shared sense of humanity and passion for high-quality design.

The garments are exclusively made from GOTS certified or reclaimed fabrics, the latter coming from stock of renowned fashion brands. The buttons are locally produced in Vienna.

Just as foresighted time management and local sourcing do, this process also avoids unnecessary transport and keeps the work transparent and sincere.

Integrity in every step of the process is the compass for sustainably running this women-owned business. 

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